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Hosted by Samantha Skelly, the Hungry For Happiness podcast combines personal development, deep conversations and comedy to shake up the way you connect to yourself and the world. Samantha Skelly is a best selling author, international speaker and the founder of Hungry For Happiness.
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Oct 31, 2018

Today on the show I have Heather and Timmi from Energy Muse. This episode is for my woo woos, alright. This episode is not going to resonate with everyone because everyone isn’t into crystals, but maybe if you have like one toe in the crystal land, listen up. I was really interested for myself of how other people use crystals because sometimes I’d think, “Oh people buy crystals because they’re just trying to be spiritual #ultraspiritual,” but it was really beautiful how these women, who’ve been into crystals before crystals were cool, educate people, demystify the concept of crystals, and give us simple examples of how to use crystals for results. They also share their personal journeys through using crystals.


About Timmi and Heather

Energy Muse is a conscious lifestyle brand, providing tools of empowerment, inspiration, and hope in the tangible form of jewelry and crystals. Founded in 2000 by Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro, they are helping people reconnect with the energy of the Earth to align with their highest self, realize their true calling, and tap into their own personal magnificence. They recently authored the book Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune into the Real You.

In this episode, Timmi and Heather share:

  • How to slow down in the midst of running a business and a busy lifestyle.
  • What happens when we ignore our body’s exhaustion cues.
  • The importance of taking inventory of what fuels us, what depletes us, and identifying when we’re stuck in our stories.
  • Demystifying the use of crystals, how to choose them, and how to work with them.
  • Learning how to use painful or uncomfortable lessons to fuel our experiences.


You can find more of Timmi and Heather at:

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Oct 24, 2018

What's up love the welcome back to the Hungry for Happiness podcast. You are listening to episode number 073 with Kylee and Clara from Love Rising. In this episode we talked about how to actually increase our bodies’ to the frequency of that worth where we know we can attract everything that we desire and why investing in ourselves is one of the bravest things we can possibly do. I remember going back to when I first started Hungry for Happiness. I hired a business coach that cost more money than I made that month and I so I went into a deficit month after month after month, and the only thing I could bet on was myself. It really taught me how strong and powerful I could be and I always use that as a reference when I'm either investing nor or taking big leaps of faith. It was such a powerful, powerful part of my life. We talked about connecting to our subconscious and really speaking to different parts of ourselves. I love this kind of work where we can really understand that even with with an inner child we have our 3 year old child that has its needs, we have our 9 year old, our 14 year, we have all of these different parts of us. We have our inner child, our evolved woman, our mind, our intellect. There’s so many parts of our system that’s communicating to us at various times and so we really go into how to listen, how to observe, and how to honor.


About Clara and Kylee


Clara + Kylee are both coaches on a mission to change the way women see themselves. Their mission in life and in their podcast, the Love Rising Podcast, is to help women wake up to the love inside of themselves through nourishing food, positive mindset, emotional fitness, and spiritual connection. Clara + Kylee also run a revolutionary membership life-coaching program called "The Gathering".


In this episode, Clara and Kylee share:


  • Practicing self-worth and feeling deserving of the life we want.
  • Why investing in ourselves is the most brave, healing thing we can do.
  • The importance of making time for things that truly make you happy.
  • Connecting to our subconscious and speaking to the different parts of ourselves.
  • Uncovering subconscious blocks in our systems.
  • How being firm in our boundaries is a form of self care.


You can find more of Clara and Kylee at:

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Oct 17, 2018

This episode is very, very special to me. I had the honor of going to visit Andrew in his beautiful center in California here, and it's so incredible. I just feel so excited about sharing him with you because he is such a special person to me. I've been working with Andrew for about 2 years now, working on energy work. He is such a talented healer. What Andrew does, I can’t even explain it. He’s able to clear energy, move energy, really understand patterns and attachment, and really getting to the root of why we do what we do and why we are stuck in these behaviors and patterns that aren't serving us. He is just an absolute wizard. In this episode, we talked about how to truly access energy in our bodies, which is something that I know we talked about a lot about on the show, but the way that Andrew frames it is so beautiful and really allows us to dig into the part of us that feels calm, and feels safe. So Andrew had a near-death experience which really let him into this whole body of work. He didn't wake up one day, deciding to do this work. He was actually comedian. One day, he was surfing and he got smoked in the head with a surfboard, and he had a spiritual awakening. It's just such a beautiful story. He's such a grounded individual yet has this power to just heal, influence, and just be such a leader for oneness and wholeness.


About Andrew


At the age of 32, a surfboard bashed into Andrew’s head when he was out surfing one day. He was left unconscious in the ocean until a stranger pulled him out and saved his life. Andrew was never the same again. Andrew began to question his identity. He became incredibly present to the world in a way he never experienced before. Andrew took it upon himself to dive deep into healing and discovered his purpose.


In this episode, Andrew shares:


  • Learning to access safety in our bodies, so we can use it when fear arises within us.
  • How Andrew’s near death experience led him to become a healer.
  • How our childhood protectors have positive and negative impacts on our adult life.
  • How to acknowledge our protectors so they don’t control our experience.
  • How shifting our perception allows us to shift our energy.
  • The difference between true discernment and being in resistance.
  • Being intentional and intuitive with the types of coaches and healers you decide to work with.

You can find more of Andrew at:

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Oct 10, 2018

I’m literally so pumped for you guys to hear this conversation. I️ had the privilege and the honor of going down to Drew’s house and interviewing him in his home. As soon as I️ got into his house, I️ just felt the potent energy. It felt beautiful. Furthermore, our conversation was so rich, full of passion, and so full of depth. We talked a lot about the power and the energy of love, what that can do when it’s directed at us for an extended period of time, and how that shifts how we view the world.

About Drew

Fueled by small-town values and a big vision for a better planet, Drew Canole begins each day with one simple goal in mind – to positively impact the lives of others. Through his work as a Personal Coach and endeavors such as and, Drew aims to inspire and motivate others to search deep within themselves to create an abundant, healthy and fulfilling life. "Improve one life; improve the world." Drew is committed to the conviction that people are at their best when challenged. He pushes others to bust through personal barriers and reach new heights in physical, mental and spiritual well-being.


In this episode, Drew shares:

  • The importance of switching our frequency and tapping into love each and every day.
  • How we move away from love by giving our power to outside sources.
  • Becoming the master of your thoughts and being intentional with what you allow in your space.
  • Reviewing our vocabulary and choosing words that make us feel powerful.
  • How breathwork allows us to access and release hidden traumas and memories in our bodies.
  • Releasing memories in our subconscious through trauma release exercises aka TRE.


You can find more of Drew at:

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Oct 3, 2018

I️ loved this interview. I absolutely love his energy, passion, dedication to his craft, how he views the world, and how he’s shifting his mindset consciously and intentionally in order to shift the energy in his body. What is beautiful about this practice of, “I’m going to intentionally changes my thoughts and I am going to feel the energetics of that happening in my body. By the energetics changing in my body, I create more thoughts with how I want to feel.” We talked about that a lot. It was a specific, cool conversation that we got into.  

About Daniel Thomas Hind

Daniel is a self-mastery coach and the founder of EvolutionEat, a transformational diet and lifestyle coaching company for entrepreneurs. He’s personally coached thousands of high-performers reach their full potential by helping them fall in love with the practice of healthy eating, master their mindsets, and design lifestyles that reflect and amplify their greatness. Every week, tens of thousands of people read Daniel’s insights to learn about the psychology, mindset, emotions and habits around eating.

In this episode, Daniel shares:

  • Why so many of us are stuck in survival and how it blocks our ability to thrive.
  • What happens to our bodies when we live in a state of stress and survival.
  • Why and how we become addicted to stress.
  • Becoming intentional and aware of when we’re operating from fear, stress, and survival.
  • The importance of creating boundaries, rituals, and time for ourselves during the day.


You can find more of Daniel  at:

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