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Hosted by Samantha Skelly, the Hungry For Happiness podcast combines personal development, deep conversations and comedy to shake up the way you connect to yourself and the world. Samantha Skelly is a best selling author, international speaker and the founder of Hungry For Happiness.
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Feb 28, 2018

Loralei Bayette

This episode is all about relationships and viewing our relationships as a mirror. She got really real and vulnerable and basically said on the show, “I don’t trust myself to be in a relationship.” And it’s so freakin cool for a woman to just own that and just really say, “Ok listen, now is not the time. The time is to love ME. The time is to be in my own body. The time is to understand myself.” I just thought that was one of the rad-est things that has ever been shared on the show so I appreciate her so much for saying that. We’re really digging into the topics of feeling lonely, insignificant, unloveable-whatever it may be- and how we are dependent on relationships to provide that for us. That’s a broken model, we really have to fulfill that within ourselves, because a relationship is only adding value to what we already have.


About Loralei Bayette 

Loralei Bayette is a speaker and Holistic Trasnformation Coach. She helps clear obstacles and uses herself as a stepping stone and mirror to her client's self discovery and manifesting power. She's a self love advocate and rebellious creative who believes in questioning everything and going within to ignite the goddess within. She has a Youtube Channel called HolisticGoGetter and will be doing events in 2018. So make sure you check out her channel and instagram for more updates.


In this episode, Loralei shares:

07:29- What self abandonment looks like and how we can heal it.

19:35- How to create a felt sense of belonging from the inside.

24:20- Simple practices to instantly increase your energetic vibration.

30:45- Tapping into our own internal light source.


You can find more of Loralei at:


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Feb 21, 2018

Everything about this conversation excites me to the core! For those of you who’ve been in my world following my things, you know how passionate I am about money and our relationship with money. More importantly, healing our relationship to money, and not allowing it to be the root of all evil anymore. This episode is about creating a space and a relationship where money can flow easily to us and through us so that we can create more abundance in the world.

About Michelle Lowbridge

Michelle is a Brit with a hot chocolate obsession and a cheeky sense of humor, who has a (not so) secret dream of being in a Hallmark Christmas movie. Her work demystifies the weird stuff we believe about money, so we can stop repelling it, make lots of it, and enjoy more freedom and choice.

Inside this episode, Michelle shares:

  • 2:45- Six common beliefs that ruin our relationship with money.
  • 9:06- How Samantha connected to the energy of abundance and cleared her money blocks.
  • 10:12- An exercise to activate and release negative money beliefs in 30 seconds.
  • 16:51- The most powerful way we can spend our time.
  • 21:45- Getting clear about what success looks like on an individual level.
  • 25:33- Creating new money beliefs.
  • 30:00- Simple, effective ways to release fears around money.
  • 34:25- How to use energy editing to create rapid change.
  • 39:55- Smashing money blocks with Michelle’s new book, Wealthology.

You can find more about Michelle at:

Free liming belief technique:


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Feb 14, 2018

Enter to win a copy of Peta’s amazing new book, Earth is Hiring. From now through Monday, February 19, you can enter the contest by doing something fun and posting a photo of yourself at play on Instagram with the hashtag #earthishiringmetoplay. Winners will be chosen the week of 2/19 and books will be shipped shortly after!

Ready, set, gooooo!


Peta Kelly

You know when you talk to someone, and it literally feels like you’ve injected caffeine straight into your body? That’s what this felt like hours after this conversation. I’m so stoked to have you guys listen to her. The way she shares is so authentic; she’s a force. We dug into all sorts of things but primarily one of the biggest things we dug into was our money stories and our relationship to money. We talked about the importance of play and the importance of taking responsibility of our frequency. Hearing it in her terms was so beautiful.


About Peta Kelly

Peta Kelly is a mum to her magical baby Sol, an Angel Gifter, Entrepreneur, speaker, philanthropist, cacao and vintage denim enthusiast and a voice for the millennial generation. SRecently ranked by Inc Magazine in the Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs changing the world. Her favorite title is Human AF and she’s also the author of new her book, Earth Is Hiring.


In this episode, Peta shares:

04:59- Money and the stories we create around it.

10:36- The truth about abundance and what it actually means.

14:00-The definition of alignment and various ways we block ourselves from living in its flow.

16:31- The reason we reject feeling in alignment.

17:33- The difference between resistance and misalignment.

19:10- Getting to the root of our responsibilities: What we need to keep vs what we need to release.

23:13- Peta's divine connection to source through cacao. Get yours here!

30:00- Peta’s Earth is Hiring book tour. Claim your spot!

37:33- What Mother Earth is asking of millennials and how they can take action.


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Feb 7, 2018

Andrea Owen      

Andrea is a returning guest because her first episode kicked off and you guys loved it. This episode, we’re talking about her new book and it has literally the best title ever. It’s called, How to Stop Feeling Like Shit. We dove into all of the principles of how we are addicted to our own suffering and how we create structures in our lives that literally set us up to feel like shit. She talks through these principles and really breaks them down, making it easy. We extracted a lot of the value from the book and brought it to the show so you guys can really absorb a lot of what she has to say.


About Andrea Owen

Life coach. Author. Hellraiser. Andrea Owen is passionate about empowering women to value themselves and fiercely love who they are. She helps high-achieving women let go of perfectionism, control, and isolation and choosing courage and confidence instead. You can learn more at


In this episode, Andrea shares:

 5:21- The difference between using food as a numbing mechanism and overeating.

12:43- How we can express, feel and release our emotions in a safe way.

16:00- Why the need to constantly “be strong” is detrimental to our health.

22:00- Navigating through judgement and comparison.

30:00- How we can identify and dismantle the imposter syndrome.

35:26- How we can honor ourselves and take pride in our accomplishments.


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